2012. június 26., kedd


My first official Postcrossing postcard from France, sent by Caroline.
Postcard ID: FR-209378
Received on: 29 May, 2012

Besançon, is the capital and principal city of the Franche-Comté region in eastern France. Located close to the border with Switzerland, it is the capital of the department of Doubs.
Once proclaimed first green city of France, it has been labeled a 'Town of Art and History' since 1986, and has been on the UNESCO world heritage list since 2008.
Besançon was the birthplace of Victor Hugo (1802–1885) writer and poet; Charles Fourier (1772–1837) inventor of socialist "phalansteries" (vast communal buildings surrounded by a highly cultivated agricultural area) and Auguste and Louis Lumière, (1862–1954) and (1864–1948) inventors of cinematography.

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