2012. június 28., csütörtök

More Diddl cards

Twelve postcards came today (28.06.2012) from my penpal, Tina (Germany) and five of them are Diddl cards. Cute, right? :)

Diddl has many friends and relatives, including a girlfriend called Diddlina who is also a Jumping Mouse. Their friends include Mimihopps (a fox rabbit); 'Pimboli' (a Knautschanien cuddle-teddy bear); Ackaturbo (a fire-tailed mini-raven); Bibombl (a bobbletail setter); Milimits (a tigertail kitten); Tiplitaps (a changing-shell turtle); Wollywell & Vanillivi (angora lucky sheep); and Galupy (a galapagos horse). The 'Frog Brothers' are the enemies of Diddl and Friends.

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