2012. június 27., szerda

Santa Claus and babies

This is the cutest Santa Claus photo I have ever seen with these three sleeping babies, sent by Anne, from Luxembourg (FB-swap).
(Received in June, 2012)

Anne Geddes became a photographer at age 25. She had always had an interest in babies in general, but the schools she attended did not offer photography classes. She chose babies as her subject because of her love of them. "I had seen the way children and babies were generally being photographed. It just didn't seem realistic to me that people took their children along to photographic studios all dressed in their Sunday best, photographs that didn't really show the personality of the child."
Geddes believes that "emotional content is an image's most important element" and that people are drawn to her work because of its simplicity and personality. She prefers black-and-white photography to color photography. She prefers the black-and-white scheme because she feels that colour distracts from the image and the natural beauty of life.

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